Steven Jacklin


Steven Jacklin Steven Jacklin resides in the picturesque region of Muskoka, Ontario. Born and raised in Yorkshire, England, his early literary influences included Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, Irish dramatist, Oscar Wilde and English playwright, Harold Pinter. Today, the short stories of Alice Munro and the novels of Hilary Mantel are among Stevenís favourite reads.

The thrill of creating imaginary worlds has always been in Stevenís blood and, following some years writing promotional pieces for business, he developed a keen interest in writing fiction.

In 2010, his first collection of short stories, A Slight Kink was published and, buoyed by its positive response, has written the first in a series of fantasy adventure novels for Middle Grade readers (ages 9-12) entitled, The Adventures of the Dwarfgiants, Serpent of the Sulphur Sea.

Steven is presently writing a sequel entitled The Dwarfgiants and the Lake of Fools. Addi, the young lovelorn Dwarfgiant, is in desperate pursuit of the lovely Bodessa before she is lost forever to the rogue Bardo, deep in his Krogul stronghold on the Lake of Fools.

Steven, on why he likes to write:

"I enjoy writing, especially fiction, because it takes me into other worlds. It might be fantasy (creating worlds in which pretty much anything goes) or taking a fresh look at things in the world in which we live. Either way, writing fiction presents the opportunity for the creative juices to flow.

For a story to work, characters have to get into trouble. How they deal with it depends on the nature of the trouble and the type of character they are. Once a scene is set (and this is often the most creative part of writing) itís fun for the writer to go along for the ride Ė on the road to a possible resolution. In the end, it is hoped that through the craft of writing (preferably with some poetic feel) a measure of who the character is and what he may become, can be achieved."