Steven Jacklin


Serpent of the Sulphur Sea

Driven from Kamistra - their island home - the Dwarfgiants flee cross the Sulphur Sea. With little food and water, they find sanctuary in the remains of a castle ruin on the mysterious island of Helborin. What they don't know is that the ancient structure holds a sinister past - one that is about to repeat itself.

If the Dwarfgiants are to survive, Addi, a young Dwarfgiant, must be found. Missing in the Dark Wood, he unwittingly holds the secret that would save them from the evil Raslatombs and the serpent of the Sulphur Sea.

A search party of three young Dwarfgiants is dispatched into the Dark Wood. With each member vying for a prestigious position in the Circle, they must, in so little time, bring Addi back. In doing so, they need to display courage and resourcefulness when confronted with strange beings and savage creatures. If successful, they would also find that Addi was not alone. It was, after all, a young Zenta female, full of secrets and mystic moonstones that got him lost in the first place.

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Map of Helborin
Map of Helborin

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Serpent of the Sulphur Sea - Glossary

There are 88 Original Names, Places and Things:

  • 25 Original Names
  • 32 Tribes and Creatures
  • 31 Places and Things

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Original Names

  1. Addi
    Young Dwarfgiant, half-brother and best friend of Tarro
  2. Tarro
    Young Dwarfgiant, Circle member and son of leader, Myvan
  3. Groff
    Young Dwarfgiant, Commoner and Circle candidate, chosen by lottery
  4. Sinjun
    Young Dwarfgiant, Commoner and Circle candidate
  5. Myvan
    Dwarfgiant leader
  6. Revel
    Dwarfgiant Circle member and second-in-command
  7. Havoc
    Circle member, Master Builder
  8. Rimsky
    Circle member, Keeper of the Castle
  1. Jeeve
    Circle member, Head of Livestock and Farming
  2. Lucus
    Previous Junior Circle member, son of Revel
  3. Zuma the Mystic Zenta
    Zenta leader
  4. Bodessa
    Zuma’s daughter
  5. Andros
    Zuma’s son
  6. Bardo
    Krogul leader, Zuma’s arch-enemy
  7. Taluhla
    Queen of the Raslatombs. Formerly Tally, and sister of Bodessa’s mother, Falice
  8. Flogg
    Court guard to Zuma
  1. Milo
    Court guard to Zuma
  2. Noggin
    Loggerhead leader
  3. Headstrong
    Noggin’s second-in-command
  4. Headlock
    Sacrificed Loggerhead
  5. Falice
    Zuma’s deceased wife, Bodessa’s deceased mother
  6. Claris
    Myvan’s wife, Tarro’s mother
  7. Reesel
    Female friend of Addi and Tarro
  8. Kulin
    Female friend of Addi and Tarro
  9. Fillan
    Scribe of the Odanus

Tribes and Creatures

  1. Dwarfgiant
    Short, human-like, furry creature. Circle members are able to change up in size
  2. Serpent of the Sulphur Sea
    Monster used by Tahlula to eliminate anyone living at the castle ruin
  3. Raslatomb
    Horned, goat-like creature, follower of Taluhla
  4. Krogul
    A member of Bardo’s mob of pirates and outcasts
  5. Zenta
    Zuma’s subjects, males with shaved heads, females with fair hair
  6. Loggerhead
    Stocky, square-headed rock-thrower
  7. Odanus
    Tribe wiped out by Serpent of the Sulphur Sea, former inhabitants of the castle ruin
  8. Dragasp
    Short, tree trunk creature with three stacked eyes and crushing arms
  9. Gorax
    Swivel-headed flesh-eater with dagger teeth and eyes in the back of its head
  10. Mizot
    Armour-plated battle bird that plucks out eyes
  1. Marigore
    Huge wing-spanned fisherbird
  2. Dragonfrog
    Large fire-breathing frog
  3. Flying Jade
    Flying rodent with razor wings
  4. Sickleback
    Killer fish with flying spine darts
  5. The Great Gorm
    A giant cave bear with a big appetite
  6. Glug
    A type of frog
  7. Marabloom
    A pretty floating pond pad
  8. Snodgril
    A corkscrew-nosed burrower
  9. Follyfly
    A gauzy gossiper
  10. Common Croob
    A grubby blackbird with yellow beak
  11. Green-Winged Pine Tattle
    Noisy bird that gathers in swarms – a follower of the Mizot
  12. Troubled Tree Howlet
    An upside-down crawling creature with a cry of desperation
  1. Solarbug
    A bug that bites and flourishes in sunshine
  2. Chompit
    A fat-bellied brain-eating crawler that enters in one ear and exits through the other
  3. Smurlie
    Small, bouncing, translucent-blue woodland creature
  4. Lentilla
    A weasel-like creature scraped to produce musk
  5. Dogfish
    Commonly used in soups
  6. Lizardsnake
    A bloodsucking reptile
  7. Vipersniper
    A venomous lagoon snake
  8. Clingerstinger
    A paralyzing sea sucker
  9. Gumplefish
    A delicacy
  10. Venemous Prickler
    A spiny sea creature that killed Addi’s mother, Jabunga

Places and Things

  1. Kamistra
    Island, previous home of Dwarfgiants, destroyed by volcanic eruption
  2. Mighty Mountain of Mol
    Volcanic mountain
  3. Helborin
    Island Dwarfgiants fled to after Kamistra blew its top
  4. The Dark Wood
    A place that can drive someone crazy. Ask Sinjun
  5. Kindoo Wetlands
    Home of the Mizot
  6. Southern Glade
    Home of the Gorax
  7. Masadian Wilderness
    Dry, mysterious area in the Land of Rood
  8. Lake of Fools
    Bardo’s stronghold on northern shore
  9. Land of Garl
    Home of Zuma and Castle Zen, on western coast of Helborin
  10. Land of Bek
    Home of the Dwarfgiants on eastern coast of Helborin
  1. Land of Rood
    Home of Kroguls in mountainous north west corner of Helborin
  2. Starbeck Point
    East coast peninsula extending out to sea from castle ruin
  3. Jabunga
    Healing leaf, named after Addi’s mother
  4. Carrahock grain
    Ingredient used to form serum taken by Dwarfgiant Circle members to change up in size
  5. Galinsa root
    Ingredient used to form serum taken by Dwarfgiant Circle members to change up in size
  6. Manala grains
    Main base-food eaten by common Dwarfgiant population
  7. Forio tree
    Wood used for boat building
  8. Guttalong tree
    Used for making bamboozie slings
  9. Twilip Sapling
    Small, self-destructing tree
  1. Ugmul
    Wind instrument, like a horn
  2. Spygoggles
    From Groff’s bag of "useful things"
  3. Wayfinder
    From Groff’s bag of "useful things"
  4. Bamboozie
    Powerful hand sling
  5. Chizzy
    A game using stones
  6. Polnop
    Fish soup
  7. Bouella
  8. Suli
  9. Jenja
  10. Roggle
    Roasted meat
  11. Bulloo
  12. Emberlea
    Potion for easing aches and pains